"Looking" Forward to a Better Life

8 years old Kuan, who doesn’t like watching cartoons, but is a super railway fan. He has taken the Shinkansen and been to lots of train stations. His favorite is to watch the “Driver’s eye view”, with the scenery changing, Kuan can travel to everywhere he wants.

Kuan can not move and speak, he can only make some light voices and hope others can realize his thoughts. Kuan’s parents and therapist found out that he can understand numbers, phonetic symbols, and some vocabulary, just like a normal kid. His parents then have further expectations, hoping he can express his feelings and won’t stop learning because of the physical limitations.

Kuan’s parents are introduced to the eye-controlled system by other parents. When the first time tried out, Kuan’s father guided Kuan to move the 360 video with his eyes. This was the whole new experience to Kuan, he could take the initiative to operate the computer.

Kuan answered his father by picking out the picture.

Just in an hour, Kuan is expected to explore the world on his own. He can select his interest, think independently, and get a sense of accomplishment from that. Though protecting their kids is every parent’s nature, but let them do it and believe in their learning potential is the only way for the children to look forward to the future through their eyes.