To My Kid, This Is the Whole New World

Invited by the cerebral palsy association, we came to the Datong development center. Unlike normal kids, every child here had some special physical or mental problem. Our purpose was to gather their concentration using the eye-interactive method. There was a little boy with autism, instead of paying attention to the lecture, he would sing songs or walk around in the classroom. We asked him to sit in front of our computer and look at it.

He sat still in front of our computer for 15 minutes, what’s the magic power? We let him control the caterpillar on the screen with his eyes. It would move to the place where he stared at with the back ground music. When looked away, the caterpillar would shrink and the music would stop. This little boy found out the fun part of my computer, that’s why we could have him for 15 minutes.

The only thing we have done was utilizing the eye-controlled technic and combined with the interactive games to attract children’s attention. Through these games, could train their eyeball tracking ability and implement the occupational therapy.

We were pleased to see these kids immersed in the world of the eye-controlled games. It could increase their interest in learning and is also the favorite method to gain knowledge.