• Sense Innovation wins APISPA award
  • 2019 TMF Eye-Tracking Game
  • Fubon Eye-Tracking Program
  • Three years later, the story of Ching-Han
  • Sharing the story of my life with the world

Visual Perception Training

Strengthening visual processing couldn’t be more fun!

Playing games with eyes—Our interactive games strengthen users’ eye muscles and enables them to learn shapes, colors, and objects matching.

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1246 Cognitive Learning

Learning to improve cognitive abilities

Keeping track of children’s eye movements in real-time, overcoming communication barriers, and improving learning performances.

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1246 Doctor-Patient Communication

Expressing your needs, communication with precision

Our intuitive flashcards allow patients to express themselves, and caregivers can understand their needs effectively.

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Sense Talk-Language Learning

Learning core vocabulary, building up a sentence

SenseTalk provides a set of core words related to daily communication. Users can make up their own sentences through the combination of the flashcards.

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EyePlayer—Eye Tracking Mouse

Eye-Control Computer, Life with Independence

EyePlayer enables users to operate the computer with their eyes, improves work efficiency and develop their own value and increase their overall competitive edge.

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Eye-Tracking Software/Hardware, Eye-tracking Sessions

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